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Who Do You Call For X-Ray Service? Customer Service Excellence

"Who do you call when it is 10:20 PM on a Saturday night and you are at your chiropractic office analyzing patient x-rays? The x-ray server isn’t working, and you need help now in order to provide the best care possible for those patients. Most importantly, who can you call that will actually answer?"


The team at T&K X-ray’s mantra is “If we’re awake, we answer the phone.” That’s exactly who I called that weekend night. Not only did Kevin answer the phone, but within twenty minutes he had me back in service!

“Thank you so much for great products, but even better service!” “The best in the business!”

“We have the best vendors in the world and Terry L Hart, Jeremiah Lee Hart and Kevin Wehmeyer of T&K X-ray are at the top of the list. Not only do they have the best products and customer service in the industry, they are world class salsa makers and bless us with salsa and chips AT EVERY SEMINAR!!!! Nathan Dominguez of 20/20 X-ray who worked with the boys at T&K to provide the Gonstead Clinic with a much needed X-ray update and has worked with us to create the best marking tools package in the profession.” Dr. Dan Lyons

(Thank you, Dr. Dan Lyons)


Call T&K X-Ray Any Time (218)940-7988

It’s really true! “If we’re awake, we answer the phone” and not just for this customer, but for all of our clients. We know how vital X-ray is to your profession, and want to serve you well, so you can serve others well.

Our team of experts will not only answer your call, but most often times will even be able to troubleshoot and correct the problem right over the phone.

Thank you for entrusting us with your equipment and service needs. Call us anytime day, night, weekend, holiday, or just to say hi! (218) 940-6152.

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