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  • Provide nationwide expert X-ray consultation

  • Recommend, Sell, Deliver, & Install the best X-ray equipment on time and within budget

  • Conduct world-class technical X-ray training.

  • Be a constant resource

Meet the Team

Terry Hart, President, T&K X-Ray, TK Xray, X-Ray machine, chiropractic, vet, Veterinary,


Terry started in 2009 while his late wife was terminally ill. He began taking calls from coaches assisting their clients with startup clinics, to date he has done over 85 new clinics with one group alone.

Terry Hart

Tracie Hart, Vice President, T&K X-Ray, TK Xray, X-Ray machine, chiropractic, vet, Veterinary,



Tracie Hart has been involved in the Chiropractic profession for many years at very busy and successful Chiropractic Clinic in Eau Claire, WI.

Tracie Hart

Jeremiah Hart, Sales Manager, T&K X-Ray, TK Xray, X-Ray machine, chiropractic, vet, Veterinary,

Sales Manager

On July 1, 2013 demands of the business were such that we added Jeremiah Hart to the company, he has had an extensive background in customer service with a major cell phone company and is very eager to learn the x-ray business.

Jeremiah Hart


Service Manager

In October 2014 Kevin, who was previously hired to maintain the website, was hired on full time in order to continue to expand T&K’s technical and training support.

Kevin Wehmeyer, Service Manager, T&K X-Ray, TK Xray, X-Ray machine, chiropractic, vet, Veterinary,

Kevin Wehmeyer


"If we're awake, we answer our phones"

Sales-Quote-Planning - Jeremiah Hart


Service & Training- Kevin Wehmeyer


About us

T&K X-Ray Consultants, Inc. is your premiere digital x-ray experts directly serving chiropractors and veterinarians in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Chippewa Valley, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, as well as Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, and more, all through our partner dealers nationwide.

We got our humble beginnings, when Terry Hart, now of Cadott, Wisconsin, was approached by a brand new chiropractic office being built in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  

They needed new digital X-ray equipment installed and asked Terry to design the X-ray room, to purchase and install the digital X-ray equipment and to provide digital X-ray training to their staff. This has grown over the last several years and T&K has been instrumental in building hundreds of new clinics for one coaching organization alone!  

Terry quickly ramped up his knowledge of State Department of Health (DoH) X-ray compliance laws so that his company could provide digital X-ray services to offices nationwide. We take the fear out of getting an X-ray room set-up by working directly with your general contractors, plumbers and electricians and by designing for you, the lead shielding plans to meet state code compliance.

T&K X-Ray now offers the best digital X-ray products from a variety of X-ray dealers to fit every need and budget.  We will work with your office whether you are brand new, or whether you are upgrading to digital X-ray from traditional or older digital X-ray equipment.

We negotiate volume discounts with major X-ray manufacturers and pass the discount onto our chiropractic and veterinary clients. We’ve installed hundreds of digital X-ray units for clients of all sizes, and budgets. In fact, we are the exclusive X-ray consultants for a number of large chiropractic coaching organizations.

The goal is still the same; T&K works as the liaison between the doctor and the dealer to ensure that we will save you time, money and headaches with your digital X-ray planning and install.  Call us first! Our mantra is “If we’re awake, we answer our phones!”



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