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DDR (Dynamic Direct Radiography)


Chiropractic Straight Arm(CSA) System with Dynamic Digital Radiography(DDR) is an enhanced X-ray technology that provides a series of individual digital images acquired at high speed and low dose. The resulting cine loop enables
clinicians to observe the dynamic motion of anatomical structures over time, enhancing diagnostic capabilities. The motion series can be analyzed and quantified with the DDR advanced image processing capability.

DDR is not fluoroscopy,

DDR is X-ray that moves!

X-Ray Systems


Dynamic Digital Radiography


  • Motorized Variable SID

  • Floor Mount 8’ Foot 9” ceiling

  • H.T. Cables

  • Two Knob Manual Collimator

  • X-Ray Generator Options: 32kw, 40kw, 50kw single phase & three phase

  • X-Ray Tube: E7884X 150Kvp 300,000 HU 0.6-1.2mm FS

  • Includes Momentum DR Detector

  • Utilizing 2020 Imaging's Newest software Ultra.

Momentum Wireless DR


  • Warranty: 3 years panel (1 year charger)

  •   Unmatched 7 year Lithium-Ion Capacitor Warranty

  •  Imaging Area: 10" x 12" / 14" x 17"

  •  Scintillator: CsI (Cesium)

  •  Rapid Charge (empty to full) – 10x12: 10 min | 14x17: 13 min

  • 10x12 Charge life: > 150 images/4 hrs cont. use*, 8 hrs in stand-by

  • 14x17 Charge life: > 200 images/5.5 hrs cont. use*, 16 hrs in stand-by

  •  Cassette sized

  •  16-bit AD Conversion

  •  10x12: 3.75 lbs | 14x17: 5.5 lbs

Full Spine DR 17x48

  • Single Shot Exposure

  • Detector Technology: Amorphous Silicon

  • Scintillator: CsI(Cesium)

  • Pixel Size:139micron

  • Spatial Resolution: 3.6lp/mm

iRay Hybrid DR

14x17 FPW Digital X-Ray Panel
  •  Warranty: 5 years

  •  Imaging Area: 17" x 17"

  •  Line pair per mm: 3.6

  •  Wireless & tethered connectivity

  •  Cassette sized

  •  Battery Life: >3.5hrs

  •  9.50 lbs

  •  Pixel Pitch: 139um

  •  Off-center Imaging

  •  Dimensions: 18.11”x18.11”x0.6”

  •  A/D conversion: 14-bit

iRay Tethered DR

  • Warranty: 5 years

  •  Image Sensor: a-Si (amorphous Silicon) TFT

  •  Scintillator Type: FP: CSI (Cesium)

  •  Pixel Size: 139um

  •  Pixel Matrix: 3072x3072

  •  Active Area: 16.81"x16.81"

  •  Line pair per mm: 3.6 lp/mm

  •  Dimensions: 18.1x18.1x.59in

  •  AD conv. 16-bit

Master X 803C

MasterX™ 803C 17x17.png
  •  Warranty: 5 years

  •  Imaging Area: 17" x 17"

  •  Tethered connectivity

  •  Cassette sized

  •  7.50 lbs

  •  Pixel Pitch: 140um

  •  Resolution: 3,072 x 3,072

  •  Greyscale: 16-bit



The P-DR provides exceptional image quality at 16-bit, paired with advanced software features and functionality. The 10x12 panel uses enhanced Cesium technology and has many unique features to fit the needs of your office configuration.

Warranty: 3 year
Imaging Area: 10x12in.

P-DR Fixed


The PXS-710 incorporates a High Frequency Generator to provide maximum mR/mAs, and has a microprocessor output of 70kV at 10mA. With its 0.5mm focal spot x-ray tube, and high output generator, the model PXS-710 provides exceptional Image Resolution and Faster Exposure Times Foot and Ankle Radiography.

Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical

3 years tube & electrical



SONIMAGE HS1 incorporates an algorithm that utilizes two techniques, in-plane and out-plane, to improve needle visualization; this is especially important in steep angle approaches. The result is depiction of the needle tip that eliminates the need to position the ultrasound probe perpendicular to the needle, which is not always attainable due to patient positioning requirements or demanding clinical environments. The resulting needle conspicuity helps enable effective procedures.

Warranty: 5 Year




vet system.png
Acquisition touch-screen interface
  • Anatomical Programmed Radiography

  • Table-side Acquisition

Hi Frequency Output
  • 32 kW Compact Generator

  • 500mAs, range: 0.1-500

  • 40- 125kVp

Fixed SID Tube Stand & Table
  • Fixed 40” SID integrated table/tube stand

  • 32” x 60” 4-way float table top

  • Exposure Foot Switch Pedal

Momentum EQ

Momentum EQ both.png
  • The Lightest at Under 18 lbs

  • Custom holders and design is only available on MO-EQ

  • Custom Tablet Enclosure

  • Built in Positioner

  • All in one Charging

  • Charge Everything with one power cable

  • Ergonomic Custom panel and Tablet holders

  • Accommodates all size hands for easy handling

  • Rugged

  • Lightweight Aluminum durable design

  • Scratch Resistant Finish

Warranty: 3 Years

Imaging Area: 10x12 or 17x17


VetSmart Machine.png
15" Acquisition touch-screen interface
  • Anatomical Programmed Radiography (Smart APR)

  • Patented ATD (Auto Thickness Detection technology

Hi Frequency Output
  • 32 kW Compact Generator

  • 400mA Generator

Fixed SID Tube Stand & Table
  • Fixed 40” SID integrated table/tube stand

Six Exclusive Design table base/table top designs:

  • 30" Base w/40", 48", 56" tabletop options

  • 40" Base w/48", 56", 64" tabletop options

Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical + Software + Tube

Imaging Area: 17:" x 17"


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