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Here at T&K X-ray Consultants, Inc., we love to hear success stories from our clients. It is sometimes difficult to understand all the benefits of having superior X-ray equipment until you can learn from the experience of others.

When chiropractors take X-rays, their goal is the proper assessment of the condition of the patient’s spine and its affect on the nervous system. Having the best chiropractic X-ray equipment is important in producing accurate and high quality images.

Here are a few of the things clinics and their patients are saying about T&K X-ray Consultants…

Spinal X-ray Equipment Serves The Community

“We are forever grateful for your willingness to serve and help us to continue to provide excellent care for our community.” ~T&K Client Dr. Wolfman and Team

Spinal X-Ray Helps Identify Issues And Develop A Wellness Plan

“My Chiropractor has been wonderful for my overall health. I didn't have any pain when I went in, but my goal was to make sure my body was in good shape for the long term. They first went over their philosophies and processes with me. They took x-rays to identify any potential issues and from there presented a plan.” ~ Chiropractic patient of a T&K Client

T&K X-ray Consultants Great To Work With

“Great to work with, Terry is incredible. Much recommended.” ~T&K Client Christopher David

T&K X-ray Consultants Generosity Serves Mt Horeb, WI

“Thank you for your generous donation of equipment, time, and talents to the Gonstead Clinic in Mount Horeb, WI!”

T&K Digital X-Ray Equipment In Chiropractic

“Having no experience with chiropractors I was very skeptical but desperate enough to try anything. After being warmly welcomed by the very friendly staff, I was impressed with the thorough exam, X-ray of my spine and the doctor’s detailed explanation. Seeing the issues on my spinal X-ray made me think there was no hope for improvement of my condition. But my first chiropractic adjustment helped me walk out pain-free, I stopped taking the pain medicine, and began their recommended exercise program. I have continued to improve after each of the subsequent visits. ~ Chiropractic patient of a T&K Client

So if your clinic is wondering what it takes to improve your images, please reach out to our team for a no-obligation consultation.

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