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Best Digital X-Ray Packages Nationwide

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Learn Your Software

We have now launched our software training page right here!  Contact us direct for access to the most in depth Opal-Rad Software Training

At T&K X-ray Consultants, we understand that our clients rely on their x-ray systems to provide crucial medical care to their patients. That's why we are committed to being available for any questions or assistance with our clients' x-ray hardware and software, anytime - nights, weekends, and holidays included.

In addition to providing direct support, we also have a wealth of resources available on our YouTube page to help our clients troubleshoot and resolve issues on their own. Our "How-To" videos cover a range of topics, from basic system operation to more advanced features and functions. These videos are a great resource for our clients to turn to when they need help or have questions about their x-ray systems.

So if you are a client of ours and have any questions or need assistance with your x-ray hardware or software, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help, no matter the time or day. And be sure to check out our YouTube page for helpful videos and resources.


T&K X-Ray Consultants, Inc. is your premiere digital x-ray experts directly serving chiropractors and veterinarians in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Chippewa Valley, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, as well as Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, and more, all through our partner dealers nationwide.

  • Provide nationwide expert
    X-ray consultation


  • Recommend, Sell, Deliver, & Install the best X-ray equipment on time and within budget

  • Conduct world-class technical X-ray training.

  • Be a constant resource

  • X-Ray Room Layout

  • X-Ray Room Design

  • State Department of Health Submission, Approval, and  Compliance

  • Technical X-Ray Support

  • Digital X-Ray Sales

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