X-Ray Room


Call for a quote on our newest digital X-Ray options.  Packages can include room design and state compliance.

This could be your X-Ray Room!

Best Digital X-Ray Packages Nationwide

Room Design l Lead Shielding l X-Ray l Training I Support


T&K X-Ray Consultants, Inc. is your premiere digital x-ray experts directly serving chiropractors and veterinarians in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Chippewa Valley, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, as well as Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, and more, all through our partner dealers nationwide.

  • Provide nationwide expert
    X-ray consultation


  • Recommend, Sell, Deliver, & Install the best X-ray equipment on time and within budget

  • Conduct world-class technical X-ray training.

  • Be a constant resource

  • X-Ray Room Layout

  • X-Ray Room Design

  • State Department of Health Submission, Approval, and  Compliance

  • Technical X-Ray Support

  • Digital X-Ray Sales

A message from T&K's owner Terry Hart​