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Value of X-Ray in Chiropractic

Recently, a chiropractic client of ours received a letter from the mother of a new patient. She was writing to inform them that she was very surprised that they had taken x-rays of her daughter and felt that they were not only unnecessary, but dangerous. The mother had been a chiropractic patient herself, in another town, and her chiropractor had never done x-rays on her spine.

The value of chiropractic X-rays to both the chiropractor and the patient are easy to understand, once you know why they are being taken. Imagine going into the auto repair shop with your vehicle which has an engine tick. Then, imagine that the auto technician ignored the availability of the Code Reader, and began working on the passenger side tire, inflating it with air. How long might it take that technician to actually find the root problem of the engine tick?

The utilization of X-ray as a diagnostic tool in chiropractic is of utmost importance, when you consider without them, the chiropractor is blindly manipulating the spine without truly seeing the condition of the spine. Much like a dentist uses X-ray to see the tooth and root structures prior to beginning their work, the practice of using X-rays as a diagnostic tool in chiropractic, helps them to assess the structural aspect of the patient’s spine. It is critical to know ahead of time if there are any injuries, tumors, or other contraindications as the root cause of pain.

Digital X-ray equipment does not use film, but a sensor, to capture the image. Chiropractic Digital X-ray provides low dose radiation and higher efficiency imaging over standard X-ray, allowing the chiropractor to accurately assess the condition of the spine while maintaining safety for the patient.

Check out the latest in technology in chiropractic digital X-rays by connecting with T & K X-ray Consultants, Inc., serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and nationwide.

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